How do I register?

After accessing the website, click on the "login" tab and make your registration. It is worth noting that the customer is fully responsible for the data entered on the website, including the delivery address of his goods.

How do I make a purchase?

After you have made your registration, you must select the product (s) and their quantities, they will be automatically included in your shopping cart, you can select several products.

When you reach the end of your purchase, access your cart, (at the top of the site) then click on "Checkout", click on "Calculate shipping", then select the payment method and that's it.

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Product Sheets

The photographs showing the products are provided as an indication. The texts that accompany these photographs are the reproduction of the information contained in the packaging or instructions for use. The differences between the photographs and the products are minimal and do not affect the essential characteristics of the products. The color of the products displayed in the online store may differ from the actual color of the product.

How is shipping calculated?

Shipping is calculated based on the order value and weight of the products automatically at the end of your purchase. For this to happen you will need to inform your address.

What is the delivery time for the products?

PORTUGAL CONTINENTE - From 01 to 3 working days for delivery of registered orders
AZORES AND MADEIRA - From 03 to 07 days for delivery of registered orders
INTERNACIONAL - From 03 to 07 days for delivery of registered orders

What is the minimum purchase amount for delivery?

There is no minimum amount for delivery.

How are the products packaged? What packaging is used?

All of our veneers come with presentable packaging, are protected and sealed in polyethylene bags, with a card with tips for the care of the piece and as a microfiber handkerchief to clean the piece.

Does Frine provide warranty on all purchases?

Yes, the entire range of jewelery is legally enforceable for two years. The guarantee does not apply in case of misuse of parts.

How can I monitor the processing of my order?

When your order has been shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email. This one
Email contains a registration number that will allow you to track your order through the CTT tracking platform. If you have difficulties following your order, contact us by email or WhatsApp.

Can I change my order after placing it?

Before completing your order and making the payment, you can view all the items you have chosen and change them. Unfortunately, after an order has been placed, we are unable to change any order information, including changing the shipping or billing address, payment information or editing items listed in your order.

When an order is processed it can no longer be canceled or modified. We remind you, however, that you can return any item you do not want after delivery. To learn more about returns and exchanges click here.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Payment for items ordered can be made by credit card, MBWay or by ATM reference. Payments are made in EUR.

Do the listed prices include VAT and other applicable taxes?

The prices indicated are expressed in Euros and include taxes and fees, including VAT at the rate in force on the date of payment of the order.

How can I use a discount code?

At checkout, enter your discount code in the ‘Enter a Promotional Code’ box. Please note that only one discount code can be used per order. Make sure you enter the discount code correctly and before finalizing the order. Discount codes cannot be applied after order completion.

Silver Jewelry Stains

The appearance of spots is a natural process in silver as a result of oxidation. You can see that in the summer your jewelery pieces are more quickly stained due to the acidity of perspiration and moisture in the air. You can clean your Frine jewelry with a special silver jewelery detergent or with a jewelery cleaning cloth included with your order. Alternatively, you can send your parts for professional cleaning.

What does misuse of the product mean?

Scrape the piece by resting on rustic surfaces such as walls, pool edges or sand,
Deform, dent or scratch the parts,
Stones or pearls scratched, or pulled out by accidental shock, or purposeful.
Breakage of the product by force and frequent use.
Contact with chemicals (soaps, shampoos, detergents, alcohol).

Conservation Tips

To ensure greater durability of your jewelry, here are some conservation tips:

We recommend not using them during domestic cleaning, showering or swimming pool, as the contact of jewelry with cleaning products, personal hygiene and chemicals in general can damage the pieces.
Avoid contact with acidic substances, which contain alcohol, as well as other chemical and / or abrasive substances such as sandpaper, steel wool, etc.
Avoid using your veneers on the beach, as contact with salt water and sand will certainly scratch them, in addition to the fact that salt water has a high oxidizing power, which causes the veneer to eventually darken.
Avoid using them in gardening services, as handling with soil and chemical fertilizers may affect the foliation.
Store it separately in its own packaging.

Alternative dispute resolution

In the event of a consumer dispute, the consumer may use the European Online Dispute Resolution Platform, available at http: // / ... or the following alternative consumer dispute resolution entities:

National Consumer Conflict Information and Arbitration Center (CNIACC)
Coimbra Region Consumer Conflict Arbitration Center (CACRC)
Lisbon Consumer Conflict Arbitration Center (CACCL)
Arbitration Center of the Autonomous University of Lisbon (CAUAL)
Consumer Arbitration Center for the Autonomous Region of Madeira (CACC RAM)
Porto Consumer and Arbitration Information Center (CICAP)
Ave, Tâmega e Sousa Consumer Conflict Arbitration Center (TRIAVE)
Consumer Information, Mediation and Arbitration Center (Consumer Arbitral Tribunal) (CIAB)
Information Center,