About Frine

A brand born in 2011, Frine believed that its mission should go even further, reaching even more women. Therefore, it focused on expanding its business, going to Europe. Frine is currently an e-commerce, an online store that sells women's jewelry and accessories in Portugal.

The brand was specially created for the female universe, combining various styles and tastes in a store. Our specialty is in earrings, bracelets and necklaces with elegant design, always following fashion trends.

The name of the company refers to a Greek woman who became known due to her beauty and personality, since Ancient Greece believed that beauty was something good, a sign of divinity. But these are all details, in the end, what matters is you!

Our job is to value women. Returning self-esteem, bringing opportunities and satisfaction through our products. We work so that fashion reaches all women with quality and at an affordable price. But not only that, to adapt to the routine of women, we developed our e-commerce so that we could be more present in the lives of our customers, allowing them to purchase our products at any time, from anywhere, safely and simple, always concerned with the shopping experience of each person.

After all, each jewel tells a story, it can mark a moment, portray a culture, a place, a dream, a person, a family, a passion or an achievement. A jewel is part of a person's story and that is why we treat our work with such attention and love.


Valuing women, offering quality jewelry at affordable prices, always committing to excellent service and respect, through serious, ethical and responsible work.


Be recognized as the best option to buy in the jewelry trade. Honoring quality, fair price of products and excellence in customer service.


Offer the best for our customers.
Valuing and respecting all women.
Put love in everything.
Dialogue with the current, reinterpret trends.
Always cherish ethics and integrity.